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Allan Norris

Paul is a great teacher, my 5 year old has been playing for 6 months and has gone from strength to strength with his help, he has come so far, we couldn't ask for a better more understanding tutor. My lad has started playing and reading so well. It takes a great tutor to keep kids this young this focused!

Allan Norris, Student's Dad

What's Special About Our Young Beginner Program?

We have created a structured program based on 30 years of experience

Structured Method

Our Young Beginner course has been specifically designed for young children and incorporates the key skills such as rhythm, melody & notation that provide the brain boosting power of music.


We use checklists to help gamify the learning experience and keep both parent and teacher on the same page. Once completed students receive an engraved medal with a certificate and progress on to the next level.

Extra Resources

We have colouring pages, reward charts, activity sheets and lots more to help children stay motivated and challenged at home during their practice sessions.

Parent Support

Parent involvement is essential when learning guitar, especially at a young age which is why we support parents to make practice at home a fun and positive experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions & Answers?

How long does it take to learn the guitar?

It is important to not put the same expectations on to a young child as you would on say a 10 year old. Their ability to play music will take time to develop so allow them room to experiment and have fun.

This may mean banging the guitar, pulling strings, turning the tuning pegs etc. It is all part of the early learning experience. That being said if you establish a regular practice routine e.g. 10 minutes a day you can expect to complete the first check list in just a few months.

What type of guitar should we buy?

For a child aged 4 – 6 you will need a 1/4 size classical guitar. Classical guitars have nylon strings which are more forgiving on the fingers.

How much does it cost?

We start all students on our 5-week intro course. This course is taught one-to-one and allows us to introduce the student to our unique method and work with the parents to establish a practice routine, the intro course costs £69 and includes 5 individual weekly lessons and all materials.

On completion of the 5-week introduction students will be able to continue learning in a small group (max. 5 students). We encourage all students to learn in small groups as it has been proven to be the most effective way to learn.

Group lessons are a £69 monthly subscription, which includes:

*A structured method developed over the last 20 years

*4x weekly half hour lessons

*Email and telephone support

*Access to the student website which includes extra courses, songs and resources

*FREE ticket to G4 Ashford’s monthly workshop Non-student cost £20

*Online webinars & workshops

*A teacher who is part of an international network of guitar teachers who receives support and ongoing training

How much do we need to practice?

For children aged 4 – 6 we recommend 10 minutes a day at least five days a week. The secret to success on the instrument and especially with young children is to establish a practice routine as quickly as possible. We work closely with parents to help make practice at home a fun and positive experience.

We have a parent guide which offers tips and tricks for parents on how to run a fun practice session and also have an online course called ‘How to Make Practice Fun; a Parents Guide’.

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We believe the G4 GUITAR METHOD is the best way to learn guitar and that G4 Guitar Ashford is the best place to take your lessons, if for some reason you do not agree and are not fully satisfied after your 5 week intro we will give you a full refund.

Book Now5 week intro course just £69